TestoGen Vs Andro 400- Testosterone Booster Vs Fat Burner

Testosterone boosters are the fat burners, aren’t they?

It is a fact that Testosterone improves certain qualities in men which also involves trimming their physique and extra fat loss.

But not every testosterone booster is a fat burner and vice versa.

With age, certain changes in testosterone levels are common which men start to experience after the ’40s.

From bedroom performance to making you feel alive and strong, testosterone hormone is involved in many things which men desire these days too often.

Supplements to increase testosterone in your body keeps you competitive during sex and act as fat burners too.

There are only a limited number of supplements like that. Both TestoGen and Andro 400 are the strong and effective testosterone boosters but once you start comparing them with each other, things might open up a little.

In this article, we will discuss TestoGen and Andro 400’s.

  • Product’s Description
  • Formula Ingredients
  • Product Pricing
  • Reviews by the Customers
  • Honest and Unbiased Comparison

TestoGen Vs Andro 400 Comparison Review

Product Details

TestoGen is the oldest beast in the ground which is getting ever-better with the help of recent scientific updates and research.

TestoGen was introduced as an effective testosterone booster which helps men enough muscle mass to display at the gym and a significant amount of sex drive.

The latest addition of ingredients makes TestoGen an even better testosterone booster which is running as a top natural testosterone booster.

TestoGen is produced by Wolfson Berg Limited, the company has manufacturing facilities in Cyprus and the UK.

Quality-wise, TestoGen ensures the customers their ingredients have got the third party lab certifications and FDA approved testosterone increasing formula.

TestoGen is a quick-acting booster that increases the focus and stamina during physical workout.

This also means the sexual activity that you find yourself weak at, TestoGen helps to level up the game a little by increasing libido and sexual energy.

Andro 400 was introduced as a fat burner that works by increasing testosterone in men.

There isn’t much proof to back up the quality of Andro 400 except the official website which claims to increase libido up to 90%.

Andro 400 is a natural testosterone pill that works for reducing belly fat and get men in shape.

It is also being used for increasing sex drive and bedroom performance which men lack due to testosterone deficiency.

Andro 400 is available in a form of 3 different supplements which involves Andro 400, Andro 400 Max, and Andro 400 MaxT.

Each product contains a single special herb with amino acids that helps in maintaining the level of testosterone (as the official website claims). Whereas, the stimulation of testosterone in the body can’t be found.

Ingredients Comparison

TestoGen contains 11 safe and effective ingredients each of which has a different purpose than the other.

Google D-Aspartic acid for testosterone and the first page will show you clinically proven studies where D-Aspartic acid helps with the stimulation of luteinizing hormone.

D-Aspartic Acid does a big favor to the male reproductive system by engaging in testosterone synthesis which supplies a high-grade energy level.

Googling Zinc for testosterone levels will show you how much it is effective against hypogonadism.

Zinc helps reverse the effects of hypogonadism that produce freshly healthy sperm and increase semen volume.

Studies confirm the fact about Red Ginseng being effective against dioxin damage.

This provides the libido enhancing effects and improves focus for the long-term.

Vitamin B6 is important for the production of androgen hormone, and since testosterone is an androgenic hormone it is greatly affected by the availability of Vitamin B6 in the system.

Vitamin B6 is important for building up brain cells which mainly involves serotonin stimulation and mood uplift.

Increase the secretion of insulin that helps muscle growth and testosterone deficit.

To make the bones healthy and immune system stronger, Vitamin K1 works where Vitamin D can’t reach.

Vitamin D is the main part of the TestoGen formula which stops testosterone convert into estrogen.

The chemical compound in Nettle Leaf Extract prevents the binding of testosterone with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in the body.

As a result, more testosterone is available to the system that provides muscle-building effects.

Scientific studies confirm a small dose of Boron every day helps with testosterone levels.

As an ideal testosterone supplement, TestoGen did not forget to add the essential trace mineral for the body.

Providing the body an effective dose of vitamins and minerals is beneficial for testosterone cell growth.

Andro 400 is short with an ingredients list as it contains 3 main ingredients 2 of which are amino acids.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Commonly known as Tongkat Ali for which a bunch of scientific studies are available.

Tongkat Ali improves the level of testosterone in men suffering from Hypogonadism. This effect takes place one month after the study.

  • L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is one of the essential amino acids which has testosterone boosting power.

It is a helpful ingredient for men with Erectile Dysfunction, Libido Loss, and various sexual difficulties.

In many studies, L-Citruline regular dose can be effective for reducing visceral fat around the organs.

Most studies gathered about L-Citrulline were done on rats, not humans.


L-Arginine has similar benefits like D-Aspartic Acid but only it has more physical power secrets.

L-Arginine is a useful amino acid against the suppression of hormone production in the body which primarily includes testosterone.

L-Arginine increases the production of Nitric Oxide in the body which is another way to trick testosterone tissues to multiply.

Price Comparison

This is something you’ll find tricky, Andro 400 is sold at $34.95 at the official website whereas TestoGen’s original price starts at $59.99.

Now if you look at the number of capsules available in TestoGen which is 120, comparing it with the serving size available in Andro 400 (60 tablets).

Andro 400 serving size is half as TestoGen’s for which they are charging less price, whereas it’s all similar if you double the price in which case it goes above $68.

The important thing to remember about TestoGen that it provides users discounts when you purchase a 3-4-month supply at once.

There is also a free shipping option for the customers who buy TestoGen from the official site.

TestoGen Vs Andro 400 Customer Reviews

We have noticed the reviews for Andro 400 are mostly shady which do not portray exactly how the supplement actually worked.

There is a big part of the internet that thinks the Andro 400 testosterone booster is a part of a big scam and is not real.

TestoGen has created a massive customer market that can’t stop saying anything but good about the supplement.

Legally speaking, if you compare both of these supplements, TestoGen would win at a high margin with the customer remarks only.

The customer rating for Andro 400 is 4/10 whereas TestoGen stands at 9/10.

Unbiased Verdict about TestoGen Vs Andro 400

To be honest, TestoGen has been the winner in Testosterone Booster ground for over a decade and there isn’t a single reason we think any other supplement could take its place, YET!

As a competitor we can assure Andro 400 may be effective but it’s a comparison where you decide and pick only one.

TestoGen ingredients are primarily selected according to the male reproductive system science, whereas Andro 400 ingredients mainly focusing on the fat loss in men.

Both supplements elevate sex drive, improve performance, and maintain belly fat loss, so what makes TestoGen superior?

The market reputation decides the fate of most products and services online which have managed to maintain their reputation.

This consistent greed for building a high reputation makes these companies sell their maximum products and generate a large sum of revenue.

TestoGen has many positive sites when you take a closer look at it and by the closer look, we meant the use of the supplement decides which one should you prefer.


Our clients who used TestoGen are much happier with the results than those who took Andro 400 for a month.

According to them, TestoGen gave them a bigger picture of how they can spend quality life under the minimum intake of the capsules.

Andro 400 is a fair quality supplement with not so much back by the scientific evidence to support their claims.

TestoGen wins at the clinical studies under which evert ingredient in the list is somehow involves with one or more clinical study or testing with real HUMANS.