Testogen Results – Here’s My Shocking 12 Weeks Result (Before & After Pics)

Are you thinking about using Testogen? Well, here are my results of using Testogen for 12 Weeks with Before and After Pictures.

I remember my younger years, a time when I was more mentally, physically and sexually active.

Things were great that time, especially that high level of energy flowing through my body and that stamina that would make that exhausting sommelier job interesting.  

Testogen Pills

Sadly, time changed and so did my body.

My energy levels that would hardly drop at any point during the day started to drop considerably and by the time I celebrated my 40th birthday, I could plainly feel myself less enthusiastic and motivated about activities that would greatly excite me earlier.

Additionally, these changes were not confined to my physical and mental energy as I can visibly notice changes in my body weight too that was constantly increasing, sleep that would no longer refresh my mind, sex drive that was getting low and low and the list continues.  

With time and constant pressure from my professional job, a time came when I become less tolerant to people and more and more frustrated with life.

This was the time I decided to get myself checked as somewhere deep inside my mind, I had this fear that there was more to the natural aging; something underlying that was worsening my condition.

And after discussing these problems with my doctor, my doctor further substantiated my doubt ( who had repeated warn me about my family history of health conditions and how I was prone if I do not prioritize my health).

Long story short, he asked me for a blood test that ultimately revealed that this constant decline in my energy, sex drive and motivation to stay positive was not to be blamed to any serious health problem but to the poor growth of testosterone that was far below than what men of my age must have for a healthy living.  

Somewhat relieved but worried, I questioned my doctor about my next move and the measures needed to address a problem that may not be too serious for my health, but is troubling enough to turn my sanity upside down.

The doctor suggested me TRT, a therapy that is generally recommended to men facing a decline in testosterone.

While I was okay with what my doctor suggested and was looking forward for a respective appointment, I decided to do some research before 1 could pay him a $725 visit (my insurance does not cover testosterone therapy).

So I searched and searched and reached to the conclusion that Testosterone Replacement Therapy is one risky procedure and is not really friendly to the health of our health.

Thereby, I dropped my idea immediately and searched about methods that can help me naturally boost my testosterone levels.

Surprisingly, I came across a dietary supplement named Testogen that was apparently, painting a rosy picture about how its ingredients are helpful for the rise in testosterone and how well men have benefitted from its use in weeks.

Honestly, I am one of those who think hundred times before using supplements, even when they claim to be natural and thoroughly researched as this, I believe, is a risky job and you never know where you end up.

Quite reluctantly, I read about its ingredients and investigate if these ingredients actually support the growth of testosterone and each one came out to be convincing to me.

So, I ordered Testogen (pills and drops as I read it works better when combined) with a ‘self-promise’ that I will also follow practices that are suggested to grow this androgenic hormone naturally.

In some 48 hours, I had I my order in my hand.

Well- I tried this supplement (followed the dosages carefully) and decided to share my experience and tips that helped me gain more throughout this phase.

Though, I am not some great writer or someone who can influence others but I believe, this piece of information needs to reach you, in case, you are undergoing a problem similar to me.


Testogen review

WEEK 1-2:

So honestly, it was a dull start. All those big claims started to sound marketing claims to me when Testogen showed almost no change during the 10 first days.

However, things start to become better by the time my second week was about to conclude. After I woke up and had my breakfast, I noticed I was feeling well-rested.

My mind was fresh and I was feeling ‘somewhat’ positive about life (which I hadn’t felt lately).

Coming onto the physical change, well, I won’t say there was some major change or say, the ‘Popeye effect’ in my body, but yes, it was better.

I was undeniably, more energetic than before and that was favoring me with my personal and professional life.

WEEK 2-4:

So time was moving and my energy levels were noticeably shooting. Taking advantage of my growing focus and energy, I decided to re-join my gym for that long lost desire of packing on mass.

 Well, two three days were tough understandably, but I assumed that fired up my stamina I always lacked when I trained my muscles in the past.

As far as my sex drive is concerned, yes, the change was evident (my wife could sworn to this). Before this, honestly, we both were drawing apart due to my lack of interest in intimacy and mostly, my inability to express that old passion. But no wonder, Testogen was working for my sex drive and my appetite was visibly growing.

WEEK 4- 6:

I was hitting the gym harder and harder and honestly, I was enjoying my gym time that would simply sound a challenge to me earlier.

I was easily lifting weights and performing some hardest core exercises effortlessly.

My strength was adding up and energy felt like the energy I had in my younger years. [study]

While my focus was largely towards jacking up, I could notice my fats melting like some butter at a reasonable rate. All the belly fats I had unintentionally amassed were reducing and so was my expanded waistline.

This was largely working for my self esteem that has been critically dropped with the thought of me becoming unattractive to others. Plus, there was a positive change in my confidence too.

WEEK 6-8:

For me, Testogen was no short of a life changer. Every passing day was adding more and more to my faith in this testosterone booster.

Of course, I couldn’t see my body producing more testosterone, but the effects I was witnessing were all related to the benefits of having healthy levels of testosterone in the body.

Now as I was heading towards the end of second month, changes in the aesthetic sense were becoming more obvious. For example, my skin started to seem healthier and tighter again. The dullness was going and its quality was visibly improving.

Things in the gym were improving too. With more energy, strength and motivation, I was doing great with my trainings.

WEEK 8-10:

Life was coming on track again and I can feel myself in my late twenties again. Same zest and positivity!

The major impact was on my mood or say, on my overall mental health that appeared to heal with the use of Testogen.

Of course, it was the testosterone, my ‘own natural hormones’ that were doing me the favor and not some artificial source that would have bought me side effects afterwards.

So, I was enjoying this natural change that provoked no nasty effects (except the initial nausea and upset stomach).

WEEK 10-12:

I don’t know how but I was stronger again (maybe because testosterones are good for our bones too). My sex drive became normal (which I was making the most of) and my energy was significantly higher which was favoring my trainings.

Surprisingly, my muscle size was appealingly expanding.

No doubt, I have worked really hard for this sight but testosterone has their role in the growth of muscles.

So as I left the gym on some 87th day or something, I won’t call it ‘crazy’ but yeah, I got a spectacular pump indicating that I can pack on more if I continue my trainings with the same passion and keep a check on my T’s.

This was my experience with Testogen and frankly speaking- it was least expected as I said earlier, I don’t trust this fast. But this was a worthy deal, a deal which addressed my concern naturally and without making me pay a fortune for it.

After completing the three months cycle (that is generally recommended), I can feel that big change in me.

Previously, my report suggested 309 total testosterone, which was way too low for a man of my age but after following Testogen cycle, this figure was increased by 541, indicating a boost by 75% in my case.

Indeed, physically, emotionally, sexually and mentally, I am definitely at a better place now.


increase testosterone levels naturally

Now I have already mentioned how I promised myself to follow certain habits that could potentially improve my testosterone producing strength during this three months phase as I believe, any supplement is only good for you until you are good to yourself.

So in my case, I planned a lifestyle based on:

  • Testosterone boosting foods:

 Of course, Testogen was there to restart my testosterone producing ‘machine’, but I needed to ensure a support that can multiply its effects and deal with this deficiency sooner than later and for that, I couldn’t find anything better than making amendments in my diet.

So, I started incorporating foods and fruits that were proven friendly for the growth of this vital male hormone. For example

  • Ginger that is found to boost the growth of testosterone by 17.7% and is ideal for problems surrounding fertility)
  •  Dairy products are a good source of vitamin D that equally benefits the growth of T
  •  Egg yolks are full of proteins I needed for muscle growth and testosterone of course
  • Chuck roast that supplies zinc, a mineral good for heightening the making of this sex hormone
  • Beans that are loaded with protein, vitamin D and zinc, all that treats the shortage of testosterone
  • Olive oil, which delivers healthy fats proven to elevate testosterone levels

Besides, I increased the intake of orange juice, pomegranate and banana shake to do the rest- if needed!

  • Intermittent Fasting:

Now this was more like a technique I read in an article and decided to try. Honestly, it sounded practical to me where you take the meal at some hours during the day and stop the intake of food for the remaining hours.

As per my knowledge, this is a tactic that pushes your system to release more and more testosterone through the boost in leutenizing hormone, hence, I restricted my eating hours from 7am- 7pm and let my body respond.

  • Resistance Training:

As said, I was already hitting the gym (due to my desire to bulk up I gave up years ago), I was already performing Resistance Training, or say, carrying weights in particular.

Now as per my knowledge, weight lifting largely helps you with the growth and strength of muscles but according to the experts, there are more benefits coming your way when you indulge your body in weights!

Basically, the investigations have revealed that an active lifestyle based on exercises and weight lifting (more preferably) is extremely promising for the growth of testosterone in men of all ages. Not only the effects are short-term, but long term as well.

In case you are not into lifting weights and prefer other exercises instead, you can consider high intensity interval training for the very purpose.

  • Control stress:

Even though, my stress is not easily manageable and there are little to no distractions that actually help me when I am stressed, but that’s what you need to do if you want your testosterones to skyrocket after thirties.

Basically, stress boosts cortisol that negatively impairs the making of testosterone hence, you need to take measures in order to control it.

For me, as I said, managing is nothing short of a challenge but since I was on Testogen, my stress levels were somehow low. That of course, counted for the regulation of testosterone, I was looking forward for.

Besides, there is a need to review your sleeping habits, especially if you are sleeping enough as men who deprive themselves from the needed amount of sleep are more likely to face a sharp decline in the making of testosterone after progressing to a mature age (I used to sleep enough from the start but would not feel as fresh as I should after waking up).  Hence, make sure your body receives a good, long break of at least 7-8 hours a day and is well-rested to run its normal processes in a refreshed, healthy way.

  • Limit sugar:

Now this was the most challenging part while I was making the necessary adjustments in my lifestyle as honestly, I crave sugar like hell. However when I read that the consumption of sugar lowers the concentration of testosterone and paces the process of aging, I took it as a warning.

I immediately shifted my focus more towards good fats and natural sugar that may not have helped me overcome my cravings by 100%, but yes, to a larger percent.

Well, there is a cost for everything – isn’t it?

So these were some changes that I made in my lifestyle and managed to elevate my testosterone levels by 75%.

However, there are few more advises that I read and followed like reducing alcohol (I generally drink little) and follow an active lifestyle but above all, Testogen, quite frankly, gave me the kick I needed to make that major change.

Some information I found about Testogen and felt worthy of sharing is mentioned below.


Testogen is an amazing testosterone booster based on FDA approved, natural ingredients.

Testogen results

It aims to resume and accelerate your testosterone producing mechanism so that men can grow mass, make their bones stronger and perform with a higher level of strength required to outperform.

Currently, Testogen is the best you can get against the conventional testosterone replacement therapy and harsh steroids that do help with the intensification of testosterone in the body, but are followed by risks.

Testogen was initially introduced in pills but due to the increasing demand of the testosterone booster, its manufacturers recently launched Testogen Drops that target and simplify that common concern, through a faster and more absorbent approach. 

Before we discuss more about the drops in detail, let’s learn about the expected benefits and ingredients that make Testogen Pills a total success.

Benefits of Testogen

Testogen provokes a major change in your body, a change that is instigated through normalizing and augmenting the amount of testosterone, you currently produce.

But despite being a great tool to trust and try, one needs to keep in mind that there is nothing magical about Testogen or any other product belonging to the similar category.

Testogen promise a realistic change in a period of time that is not overnight or days, but at least two weeks.

Once you cross this period, you can expect:

  • Higher energy
  • Improved focus
  • Better skin quality
  • Muscle growth
  • Fat reduction
  • Relaxed mood
  • Increased confidence
  • More confidence
  • Higher libido
  • Improved performance
Ingredients in Testogen Pills

Testogen Pills are an amalgamation of:

  1. ZMA or zinc magnesium aspartate:

It gives a good amount of power to Testogen as a testosterone boosting agent and there are studies that support it. ZMA that is a mix of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 is found to accelerate the production of testosterone by 32.44%. However, the effects of ZMA are not confined to this particular benefit as this powerful blend of two imperative minerals and one essential vitamin has been proven to boost the concentration of another growth-promoting hormone called IGF-1 as well.

  • Zinc:

The more we emphasize the role of zinc in lifting up free testosterone, the less it. Zinc is a significant mineral that is merely achieved through dietary source owing to body’s inability to produce it naturally. For men with the deficiency of testosterone, zinc is no less of a blessing as studies have found that 30mg of this mineral a day improves the concentration of free testosterone to a point you get you enjoy the impressive effects of this sex hormone.

  • Red Ginseng Extract:

The Korean herb comes across as a strong ingredient in the composition of Testogen due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers that make it an ideal agent for the improvement in brain function, erectile health, immune system and energy levels.

  • Bioperine:

Bioperine in Testogen is incorporated to enhance metabolism, memory and mental skills that are likely to face a decline when we age. The agent is derived from black better to add value to Testogen.

  • Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is full of benefits for our mental and physical health. But more specifically, if we call Vitamin B6 a mood enhancer, it wouldn’t be any wrong as Vitamin B6 has been shown to enhance mood and lower the signs of depression.  

  • D-Aspartic Acid:

It is an amino acid that is another tool, Testogen use to spark the making of testosterone in your body. Similar to zinc and ZMA, D-Aspartic Acid is also supported by research that proves its role in the increase of testosterone to a greater extent

  • Vitamin D3:

Researchers believe that men who lack testosterone are more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D and hence, there is a strong connection between the two. Likewise, Vitamin D has been assumed to multiply testosterone and favor the health of sperm

  • Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is another proven substance for the release of testosterone as a study based on a sample of 50 men concluded that the extract elevated the anabolic hormone by 46% in around 40 members that were part of the study.

Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster Drops

Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster is a newly launched product by the manufacturers of Testogen, which comes in the form of a highly absorbent liquid.

Testogen Drops

Essentially, this liquid is advised to use under the tongue for the ingredients to make their way into the system in a matter of seconds. 

Similar to the Testogen Pills, Testogen Drops deliver no chemicals and artificial ingredients to your body, so that the boost you need to heighten up your testosterone production can be kept safer.

Some interesting details about this fresh launch are:

  • It is a quick absorbing testosterone boosting formula that works wonder when used with Testogen pills
  • Testogen is highly recommended for men willing to grow muscles
  • It enhances fat burning, energy and the potential to develop lean mass
  • It is a highly researched formula containing Suma Root, a plant extract that vastly supports the process of muscle engorgement
  • The FDA approved Suma Root has a history of favoring athletes with enormous level of power and speed needed in the field

So this was my experience and lifestyle changes that helped me go a long way in restoring what was necessary for my mental and physical health.

No wonder, Testogen ended up like some prayer being heard for me as TRT was never an option for me once I realized how harmful it is.

Order Testogen

However, one useful suggestion I would like to give to my readers before I conclude is to use the pills and drops in conjunction and not anything separately, as this is what best favored me (after my lifestyle changes of course).

And if you fear losing your hard-earned money as a beginner, do not worry as your purchase will be covered by 60 Days Money Return Guarantee.