Best Testosterone Booster on the Market in 2020 [Updated]

Testogen named as the Best Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilders on the Market in 2020!

The value of testosterone is better understood when you start to age or get connected to the athletic or bodybuilding field.

No wonder- every good concerning to a male’s health or the said fields is largely dependent upon testosterone and without this male sex hormone, it’s nearly impossible to succeed.

Now there is a limit at which our body produces hormones, which tends to reduce more and more when we step ahead to an old age.

Even when we switch ourselves to a healthy lifestyle, our body fails to produce much to prevent or overcome the disturbing complications of aging.

 Essentially, the case remains the same for strength and mass gainers dealing with a lot of pressure in the gym.

No matter what tunings they do in their diet or exercises they perform on a regular base, their body does not respond in a way that best supports their goals.

So what do they do?

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

best testosterone boosting supplements

Well, the answer to this lies in turning to Testogen Testosterone Boosters!

As the name suggests, testosterone boosters is a class of supplements that widely aid in elevating or balancing testosterone levels. [1]

Interestingly, an increase in T triggers a wide array of benefits like:

  • Good for your heart:

The sex hormone supports the making of red blood cells, plays a major role in maintaining weight and reduces the chances of developing diabetes, all that favors the health of your heart

  • Increases muscle mass:

Testosterone is a hormone for mass gainers as it offers them the support they need to grow big. Not only this, the hormone further aids in reducing fat that in turn, favors you with more energy.

  • Quick recovery:

Right after strength trainings, you feel the dire need of something that can fasten up the recovery process. Testosterone promotes protein synthesis that has a major part in the healing of muscles

  • Fortifies bones:

One of its benefits is the contribution in mineral density of bone that tends to fall with the progression of age. In case a problem like this is timely controlled, you can save your bones from getting weak or from developing osteoporosis

  • Better cognitive functions:

Testosterone has an impact on everything, from your physical to your emotional and to your mental health. If the level of this imperative androgen declines in your body, you are likely to encounter cognitive impairment

  • Higher libido:

Your sexual appetite naturally lessens when your T levels stoop with age. To keep that special bonding strong and that rocky performance on, you need the sex hormone- to say the least

  • Improves mood:

Poor testosterone affects your emotional stability as that is quite evident in aged individuals. Sadly but true, aged people are more likely to have depression, bad temper and the constant feeling of exhaustion. Once this balance is restored, you will notice a significant improvement in your mood and mental state

  • Boosts strength and energy:

Testosterone increases strength and energy and hence it is largely needed by athletes and weight lifters who couldn’t survive in their natural capacity

Testogen Review – Best Testosterone Booster on the Market

Testosterone Boosters come and go but the one that has stayed and proven its name with time is Testogen.

Best testosterone booster on the market

Now there are reasons why we vouch and always recommend Testogen to bodybuilders and aging men in need of a testosterone hike.

  1. Testogen Pills
  2. Testogen Drops

Firstly, Testogen follows the first procedure.

That is, it promotes a natural growth of testosterone through its 100% fresh, high quality and pure organic ingredients. Secondly, its effects are beyond compare. [4]

From speedy mass gaining to restoring that youthful sexual urge, it does everything that comes with healthy levels of T and healthy release of growth hormone.

More to it, it’s medically proven ingredients have the power to address your body’s inability to balance the hormone solely and in conjunction.

No matter if you are young, middle aged or old, the supplement adjusts to the body’s dynamic and perform in accordance to deliver what has been expected.

Another reason why Testogen has always been our favorite is its ability to pause and reverse the clock while equally supporting bodybuilders with their mass and strength gaining goals.

As a matter of fact, its versatility can be judged by the fact that it also does that attractive chiseling through pushing your system to burn unnecessary fats when necessary work is done on the body’s musculature for a visibly refined physique.

 Well, keeping all the qualities and good associated with Testogen in mind, we doubt if there is any other testosterone booster offering similar value to bodybuilders and aged men in general.

1) Testogen Pills

Testogen Pills are organic tablets that enhance the functioning of testicles, the organs where testosterone are produced.

TestoGen Triple-Action Testosterone Booster

The recipe of these pills is based on Magnesium, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Vitamin B6, D3 and K1 that work on strengthening your natural tendency to maintain a youthful body for as longer as it can.

While Testogen is largely sought by aged adults, it is widely recommended to mass gainers in need to pack on muscles in a short frame of time.

It further intensifies your trainings with added strength, which is one great quality that makes it comparable to a performance enhancing drug.

Even though, Testogen promises a great contribution in the repair, development and growth of muscle, one cannot assume that to happen without sweating in the gym.

Mass gainers need to be regular with their workouts and follow the diet planned by their instructor in order to grow, cut fat and attain raw power one must have to outshine.

How Testogen Works to Increase Testosterone Level?

We have already mentioned how Testogen Pills fuel the performance of testicle to produce more testosterone however, let us discuss how it manages to achieve that task.

Basically, the revolutionary mix of ingredients part of the pills is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, where it motivates the receptors to synthesize testosterone in the organs where it is naturally produced.

As testicles are encouraged to make the androgen in abundant volumes, the extra hormones make their way to the muscles and start to benefit you through the increase in protein synthesis for the repair and growth.

Testogen Pills Ingredients

The ingredients of Testogen Pills are one of the most studied testosterone enhancers in the medical science.

Not only that the producers have smartly created a combination where they have picked the suitable concentration of each ideal enough to enhance the effects of others in the mix.

The ingredients of Testogen Pills are:

  •  Magnesium:

Magnesium has a great involvement in the enhancement of size and strength as it is needed for the production of a hormone called Insulin-like growth factor 1. If you investigate the real powers of IGF-1, you will learn that the qualities of this sex hormone are no less from the qualities of testosterone pertaining to the making, energizing and adding strength to the muscles. More to its effects, IGF-1 also aids in preventing stress that negatively affect your health and the health of your muscles.

  • Tribulus Terrestris:

Another powerful addition in the formulation of Testogen Pills is Tribulus Terrestris. The plant extract is found to enhance the distribution of testosterone while elevating the concentration of gonadotropins called LH and FSH that help in activating the production of testosterone. Furthermore, Tribulus Terrestris has a wide reputation of supporting muscle growth and performance while giving the much needed boost to your reproductive, circulatory and heart health. In simple words, Tribulus Terrestris is of great worth for bodybuilders.

  • Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is overly loaded with benefits that majorly revolve around your mental health. For example, it enhances mood and addresses the signs of depression. However, its role in the supplement is more than just a depression fighting agent. The micronutrient increases the rate of testosterone synthesis and your ability to make or absorb amino acids for the degree of protein required for growth.

  • Zinc:

Zinc, just like many other ingredients of Testogen Pills, is effective for men who are not in a position to produce enough testosterone and hence enjoy its benefits. As a matter of fact, zinc is one the most proven chemical elements that are found to address poor testosterone and its deficiency in a man’s body.

  • Red Ginseng Extract:

Red Ginseng is added to nourish your muscles in order to fuel your body with the required level of energy during workouts. Basically, the herbal supplement works on enhancing the quality of blood, which is assured when there are healthy levels of oxygen present in it. When this oxygen rich blood is supplied to the muscles, everything from their performance to their energy is automatically increased.

Testogen Pills Results

Testogen emphasizes the increase in testosterone that may have declined or need an immediate boost.

When the testicles are stimulated to create and release more and more testosterones, the following benefits are more likely to follow:

  1. Continuous production and development of muscles
  2. Extreme muscle energy, strength and power
  3. Constant burning of unnecessary fats
  4. Rapid recovery of the damaged muscle tissues
  5. Good mood and quality sleep
  6. Fortification of bones for preventing weakness and osteoporosis
  7. Improved skin quality
  8. Higher sexual desire and stronger erections
  9. Increased athletic performance in the field
  10. Better concentration and cognitive health
Testogen Pills Dosage

The dosage of Testogen Pills depends upon your need and your goals.

Suppose, you are not a bodybuilder and neither do you intend to participate in any athletic activity, you can set the dosage to two pills a day.

However, if you are a mass gainer, weight lifter or some sportsman in dire need to elevate your testosterone, you can fix the dosage between 2-4 pills a day.

Keep in mind that the manufacturers have restricted the dosage to 4 pills a day which can be lowered to three or two, but not increased.

Plus, it is advised to consume the supplement before breakfast with a ‘should have’ gap of at least 10 minutes in between.

Testogen Pills Side Effects

The overall identity of Testogen as a testosterone booster in the market is clean and convincing.

People are more than satisfied with its performance and have not reported anything that can doubt the safety of this natural supplement.

Plus, to be more on the safer side, you need to be clear-cut with the dosage and not exceed for rooting the odds of side effects.

2) Testogen Drops

One cannot undervalue the efficacy of Testogen Drops that may have a different form, but not a different purpose.

TestoGen Instant Testosterone Booster Drops

Testogen drops are the dietary supplement that reverses the most painful stage of life, aging, to a greater degree and lay the support musclemen seek in order to engorge.

Testogen Drops are specially designed keeping the convenience factor in mind. As some people find pills a challenge to ingest, the drops come across as the most suitable form for them to follow their dosages.

Precisely, the ground-breaking recipe of Testogen Drops is based on some thoroughly researched ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Panax Korean Ginseng, Suma Root, Zinc Picolinate, L Arginine and Vitamin D3 that shifts the low production of testosterone to an entirely healthy level.

In addition to muscle growth, Testogen Drops are highly favorable for heightening energy, focus, power and stamina.

Just as Testogen pills, Testogen drops also go an extra mile to help you get rid of the unnecessary fat concealing the beauty and shape of your muscles.

How Testogen Drops Work?

The mechanism of Testogen drops is somewhat relatable to the one of pills and this is the reason why it is said to turn your body into a testosterone producing machine when used in combination with pills.

 Coming onto its mechanism, once you gulp the drops down to your system, the solution goes directly into the bloodstream and set its entire hormone boosting ingredients free.

These ingredients assist testicles to produce testosterone in bulk and along with the adrenal glands where a slight quantity of testosterone is normally produced.

As testosterone increases after this natural push, the growth and strength of muscles also follow.

Testogen Drops Ingredients

To help us grasp the effectiveness of Testogen drops that have been made in an FDA approved setting, the makers have clearly mentioned the components serving as the active part of this solution.

Not only this, the makers have further revealed the serving amount of these ingredients to ensure everything is transparent to the interested buyers ahead of their ultimate decision pertaining to its purchase.

The ingredients of Testogen Drops are:

  • Zinc: We have already mentioned the importance of zinc for a body that is unable to meet the supply of testosterone demanded by your goals however, little do we know that zinc is associated with a lot more benefits than we generally assume. For example, the chemical element controls immune function and lessens the chances of chronic conditions that are generally developed in old age.
  • Vitamin D3: This is another active ingredient adding more value to this testosterone boosting formula. In addition to increasing the sex hormone in your body, Vitamin D3 boosts your bone health and regulates blood pressure while tackling many age-related problems you may come across with the progression of time.
  • L-Arginine: L- Arginine has a strong connection with the production of growth hormone that has a similar role in the repair of muscle tissues just like testosterone. More to the benefits of this amino acid, L-Arginine regulates blood pressure and fixes several problems related to your sexual performance like Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Horny Goat Weed: It has a strong identity of being an aphrodisiac that indicates its role in elevating your sexual appetite and drive. But on top of its libido enhancing abilities that have been supporting men and their sexual life in their old ages, horny goat weed is assumed to aid the growth of testosterone.
  • Panax Korean Ginseng: Men with suppressed level of the sex hormone are more likely to benefit from the testosterone boosting powers of this agent. Besides that, the plant extract will help you improve your brain function, immune system and deal with problems related to erections.
Testogen Drops Results

The effects of Testogen drops are very much alike the Testogen pills, and if these two formulas are used together, the mix will help you reach your targets at a much speedier rate.

If we talk about the benefits of Testogen drops in general, the solution will produce the following effects:

  1. Progressive growth in muscle mass
  2. Elevated strength and power
  3. Improved concentration and increased motivation
  4. A massive reduction in body fat through increased fat burning
  5.  More energetic body
  6. Stronger bones
  7. Quality sleep
  8. Better performance in field and in gym
Testogen Drops Dosage

The product is available in a 60 ml container and using it is quite simple. The manufacturers suggest the oral consumption of the solution two times every day.

In case you are using it in combination with pills, you need to set your dosage smartly as anything in excess can trigger complications, irrespective of being natural and safe.

Testogen Drops Side Effects

The drops have no chemicals and artificial hormones that can affect your liver or your health in whatsoever matter.

Neither of the Testogen recipes affect your natural bodily processes or disturb any to create the change you seek.

It merely adjusts your poor testosterone producing capacity to a level where you get to hit your mass gaining targets quite easily or ease those unsettling signs of aging that have affected your overall quality of life.

In simple words, it helps without adding to your problems.

How Testosterone Supplements Helps in Bodybuilding?

Do any testosterone boosters really work?

Now we have already hinted the importance of testosterone for those who are giving their blood, sweat and tears for mass gaining however, let us discuss how a testosterone booster can help in bodybuilding precisely. [2]

Basically, the androgen has a major contribution in the process for its support in stimulating protein synthesis that leads to the increase of protein in the body.

Remember, the growth and development of muscles occurs when the muscles tissues that have been smashed and broken throughout the trainings are timely repaired and that demands protein.

Unless the muscles get the needed dose of protein to fix what has been damaged within, they will not grow and gain strength in the manner you want them to.

Moving onto the concept how testosterone boosters help with the process of growing bigger and stronger, basically, these aim to supply some highly vital micronutrients like zinc, amino acids and vitamins which the body may either lack or require higher amount proven for the healthy production of testosterone.

You may also find adaptogens and certain agents that can prevent stress and support quality sleep that further helps with the growth of this ‘muscle-building’ hormone. 

How Testosterone Boosting Supplements Work?

Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Now there are hundreds of testosterone boosters serving this very purpose but quite frankly, there is a small amount that is promising enough to land you safely with the testosterone-associated benefits you are badly seeking. [3]

To understand which supplement will help you in the best safest way, you need to understand the two mechanisms through which they work:

  1. They create a setting wherein the body is encouraged to release more sex hormone and inhibit its conversion into estrogen
  2. They carry synthetic testosterones or artificial agents structurally made to mimic testosterone

Now while both of these procedures may sound fascinating to those in need of higher doses of testosterone, it is essential to note that the first method is natural and precisely aimed for men preferring safe results.

Imagine, when the body is stimulated to produce and release its very own hormones, there is little to no chances of complications unlike the second method where synthetic testosterones and testosterone-like agents can do most damage to your health owing to their inability to move from the liver.  

Yet again, any specific way that stabilizes testosterone in your body can welcome all the aforementioned benefits, linked with the good levels of it.

Where to Buy Testogen Online?

Buy Testosterone supplements online

In an ideal situation, we recommend visiting the official website of Testogen for more details on the product, pricing, benefits, and of course, the purchase of Testogen.

Since Testogen is one of the most selling testosterone boosters running in the market, possibility of it being imitated are quite high.

Unless a reliable source is sought, we doubt you ending up with the patented recipe of Testogen pills and Testogen drops.

Testogen GNC, Amazon, Walmart, eBay and CVS?

Authentic Testogen pills and drops can be easily purchased from Amazon, GNC, and Walmart with ease.

Besides the official website, we would like to suggest these three main sources where genuine products are sold including Testogen.

So yes, you can easily order your testosterone booster through any of these mentioned sources, round-the-clock.

Currently, Testogen is not available in stores like GNC, Amazon, Walmart.

How to Boost Testosterone Level Naturally?

Even though, your body may call for an external agent to help its fading powers with a boost, it is very much likely to give that push through a natural route. [5]

Yes, unless you are a bodybuilder or a weight lifter in need of some really serious shots of testosterone, you can follow these natural methods for polishing your natural tendencies to produce this sex hormone in healthy amounts:

Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally
  • Exercise:

Your body cannot produce enough testosterone if you are following a sedentary lifestyle. Graceful aging calls for some physical action and that action is known as exercises. No matter what form you choose, it is sure to benefit your efficiency to grow testosterone. However, if you want a more accurate answer in this regard, we would suggest HIIT workouts and weight lifting.

  • Balanced Eating:

If you are not producing much testosterone or in need of an otherwise boost, you cannot afford to overstuff your body with calories or deprive it completely. The key is balanced eating, a diet that has fair concentration of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

  • Avoid Stress:

Now this may be the most difficult task for you as stress seems to be something we can do nothing to prevent most of the times. Biologically speaking, stress surges the amount of steroid hormone, cortisol in the body and that brings a stop to the healthy production of testosterone.

  • Allow Some Sun Exposure:

Sun is a good source of vitamin D, provided that the exposure is not in excess. Vitamin D facilitates the growth of androgen in the body and hence is greatly needed by men throughout their life, especially in their old age. In case your skin is too sensitive to sunlight, you can resort to supplements based on Vitamin D3. For this very purpose, you can also seek quality supplements based on zinc.

  • Take Peaceful Sleep:

Allow your body and your brain the time it needs to relax. Indeed, life is stressful and we need to take a break from it through sleeping. If not, our stress level will increase and that will negatively affect the production of testosterone.

  • Follow good habits:

We generally believe that healthy habits revolve around balanced eating, regular exercising and quality sleeping. But if we expand our horizon and see what more does a healthy lifestyle includes, it includes utmost prevention from habits that can destroy our health like drinking alcohol smoking cigarettes and using drugs. If you pull our hands from these substances and focus on things, situations, people and associations that keep you happy and alive, you will naturally produce more healthy hormones including testosterone

  • Say yes to sex:

Even though, your sexual urge declines with age but sex has been found to balance the bodily hormones including this very imperative androgen produced by your body. Thus, try to indulge in healthy sex, if not daily, but more regularly

  • Keep yourself away from estrogen-like chemicals:

Well, that is what the studies say! Estrogen-like chemicals are largely associated with health defects including a decline in testosterone owing to their ‘meddling’ nature with essential bodily processes. Thus, limit yourself from Bisphenol A, parabens or chemicals belonging to the same category.

Some Foods to Boost Testosterone at Home

This is something you would never like to miss.

foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen

Yes, its now time to move onto food that can greatly help you with the loss that is rooting a plethora of problems for your health. [6]

Foods that can help you go a long way with testosterone are:

  1. Tuna:  Overloaded with vitamin D, Tuna helps you balance your testosterone levels while being a great treat for your tastebuds!
  2. Egg Yolks: Even though, there is cholesterol involved but let’s not forget that this is a great source of nutrients including vitamin D
  3. Fortified Cereals: In case you mind taking egg yolk for your cholesterol problem, you can always consider options like fortified cereals for vitamin D and heart-healthy nutrients
  4.  Oysters and Shellfish: As much as Vitamin D helps you with your poor T, zinc does and these happen to be your ‘go-to’ food for zinc
  5. Milk: Another great source for vitamin D, make sure you have a glass full of milk, preferably low-fat milk for the deficiency you are dealing with
  6. Beef: Anything in excess is harmful and beef is no exception however, when beef is consumed in moderate amount, it can be a great provider for zinc
  7. Beans: The significance of beans can never be understated, especially when the health of a man is concerned. These provide zinc and vitamin D and hence contribute to the growth of T
Conclusion – Testogen Results

Wrapping up – we hope to deliver all that you needed to know about testosterone and things that can help you with its healthy increase.

While any one would love to go the natural route and try to address the matter through special foods and practices, we have and will always encourage quality supplements like Testogen to provide you that extra ordinary support needed to pace and improve the effects, especially if you are a gym goer struggling with bodybuilding and training plateau or an athlete who believe to do better in the field.